The “Purpose of Stay” feature allows you or your guests to specify the reason for a booking. This information is useful for statistical reports, such as reports for the Swedish Bureau of Statistics (SCB), and to customize services accordingly.

How to Set the Purpose of Stay

There are three methods to specify a booking’s purpose:

  1. Booking Engines: Guests can choose their stay’s purpose, “Business” or “Pleasure,” when making a reservation through the booking engine. This setting can be optional, required, or hidden. If it’s hidden or optional and not chosen, the booking will default to “Not set.” To modify this setting, go to Settings -> Booking engines -> Adjust default fields.
  2. For these bookings, Sirvoy can automatically detect the stay’s purpose as either “Business” or “Pleasure”. However, bookings from other channels will default to “Not set”.
  3. Booking Details Page: Your staff can manually select the stay’s purpose on the booking details page. Options include “Business,” “Pleasure,” “Conference,” “Group,” “Other,” or “Not set.”


Purpose Selectable in
Business Booking engine and booking details
Pleasure Booking engine and booking details
Conference Booking details
Group Booking details
Not set Booking details. This is the default if no other purpose is provided.
Other Booking details. Not included in reports to statistical agencies, such as the SCB. Intended for purposes like staff rooming or asylum seeker rooming.