Important: Payer and Payson are legacy solutions and are no longer available for new users. Our recommended payment solution, Stripe, is available for all users.

To activate this feature, an agreement with Payer is required. You can contact Payer via their homepage Payer or by mail at When the agreement with Payer is ready, you will receive an agent-ID and two key codes.

Before activating this feature in Sirvoy, it is important to go to Settings -> Sirvoy account -> Contact Details and check what web address you have entered in the “Website” box. It has to be the same address as the webpage on which the booking engine is placed. The box can also be left empty.

Follow these steps to activate the Payer payment solution:

  1. Go to Settings -> Financials -> Card payments and click “Edit”.
  2. Select Payer and enter the agent ID and the key codes received by Payer.
  3. Initially, put the connection into “Test mode”. It means no money will be drawn when doing a test booking.
  4. Make a booking to yourself. You should now be able to see different payment methods. Choose “Card”. Make a test payment with the following card information: Card number 4111111111111111. Enter any validity date and CVC-code.
  5. Once the connection works, change from “Test mode” to “Production/Live”.

Besides payments by card, the guest can also choose to pay by e.g invoice, internet bank or Swish. You have to activate these at Payer. Payer offers more services. You can e.g “sell” your invoice to Payer with the possibility of offering the guest installment payment. For more information, contact Payer.