You can use our invoicing feature to create invoices directly from a booking. To do so, you have to first activate the invoicing module under Settings -> Financials -> Invoicing module. Afterward you can go to the booking details page and follow these steps:

  1. Under the Payment section of the booking, select “Create invoice”
  2. On the Create invoice page, make sure the invoice recipient is correct.
  3. Select which payment terms should apply. If “Cash receipt” is selected, you can also specify which payment method (and connected ledger account) should apply, as payment will be automatically registered when creating a cash receipt.
  4. Make sure that the invoice language is correct. Please note that once created, the invoice will always be printed in this language.
  5. You have the option of making the booking information visible on the invoice, and can edit the default message that appears on the invoice as specified in your invoice module settings (found under Settings -> Financials -> Invoice module).
  6. By default, any items not yet or only partially invoiced are preselected for invoicing. You can deselect any rows you do not wish to invoice at this point.
  7. Make sure that all column entries such as the ledger account codes and tax rates are correct.
  8. Check that the green icon (“fully invoiced”) appears for any item that hasn’t yet been invoiced, since bookings should not be partially or over invoiced.
  9. Verify that the invoice amount is correct. Be aware that any previously recorded payments will be moved to and displayed on the invoice by default (you have the option of removing this entry).
  10. Click “Create invoice” or “Create invoice & open PDF”. You can print the PDF shown, or you can also click on the created invoice ID now shown in the Payment section of the booking and use the “Print invoice” button at the top of the invoice details page to print the invoice or open a PDF. Once an invoice has been issued, it can no longer be altered. To correct and reissue an invoice, first delete it by creating a credit invoice, then repeat the steps above.

Any previously recorded payments included in the invoice are not dated separately. The created invoice will always display the current date of issue and will be reflected in any accounting reports.

Note: Any items that have not yet been invoiced will be preselected on this page. The icons in the “Invoiced” column show what the invoice status will be after you have created the invoice. In case the already invoiced amount for an item doesn’t match the amount seen on the booking, the number of items or the price for it will automatically be adjusted in order to generate matching amounts. An invoice ID will also be mentioned where an item has previously been invoiced.
Note: Values added to an invoice via the “Add row” function do not affect the “balance due” in the booking. They will only affect the “balance due” in the invoice.