You can configure text messages and emails to be sent automatically to your guests, triggered by certain events and intervals.

  1. Go to Settings -> Communications to create your message templates.
  2. Click “Add new template” to create either an email or SMS template.
  3. As you create the template, enable the setting called “Send automatically”.
  4. Indicate if the template should be used for booking confirmations, cancellations, or alternatively – choose the event that should trigger the message and how many days before/after the event the message should be sent.
  5. Go to Settings -> Booking engines -> General options and toggle on email and/or SMS notifications by default. For more details, read “Default settings for sending emails and SMS
Note: If you don’t create your own booking confirmation, the standard Sirvoy booking confirmation will be used. Booking confirmations will not be sent for reservations booked through channels, instead the guest will receive a booking confirmation from the channel. All other templates such as “1 day after chosen event..” will be sent for all reservations.