There are several ways to connect guests to a booking engine with pre-filled values or preselected rooms. So, your guests won’t need to do it themselves. These values include dates, number of adults, language, category, room type, and more.


  • Your website could include a “Book” button next to a room type description. That button could lead to your booking engine with that room type (or even an individual unit) already selected.
  • Your newsletter might include a promotion for a specific date, complete with a link that pre-fills those dates for your reader.

Tip: “Let Guests Choose Unit” must first be enabled to preselect individual units.
Go to Booking engines -> Edit -> Let Guests Choose Unit.

Tip: If you manage multiple locations or different kinds of accommodation, consider organizing room types into categories. Then you can preselect categories as well.

How to Pre-fill Values

  1. Go to Settings -> Booking engines.
  2. Click the three dots adjacent to the booking engine you want.
  3. In the drop-down list, click “How to Install.”
  • Add check-in and check-out dates to include the “Display Step” option.
  • If “Let Guests Choose Unit” is enabled, “Preselected Room Type” will include unit options.

The next step depends on how you want guests to access the pre-filled booking engine.

Through Booking on Your Website

  1. Copy the code in “Copy This Code.”
  2. Add that code to your website.

Through a Link

  1. Enter the URL of your booking engine page in “Address with embedded booking engine – to generate a customized URL.”
  2. Copy the link in “Customized URL.”
  3. Give that link to your guests.


  • Sirvoy does not save these options. You can generate as many different codes and links as you would like.
  • These two options can work together. The customized URL can combine with pre-filled values installed on your website, but the URL parameters will have precedence.
  • These instructions also apply to booking engines installed with the Sirvoy Website Builder.
  • Prefilling and preselecting still allow guests to change options themselves.

Note: These instructions do not apply to booking engines installed with the WordPress plugin.